05 September 2006


I was going to put off posting on weekend progress and recent acquisitions until I could take pictures, but given that I have plans most nights this week, I'm not entirely sure when that will be. So, the short list of accomplishments from the holiday weekend:

  • Rogue is finished! It's slightly too small, but I'm hoping some judicious blocking (and twice weekly water aerobics starting next week) will fix that. I also think my gauge was tighter on the sleeves than on the body because the sleeves are fairly tight through the forearms. I admittedly have larger than average arms, but usually it's the upper arms that tend to be tight.
  • I am just about half way through the rest of the steel merino roving. This half seems to have fewer snarly bits, which is nice, but I think I'm spinning it a bit thicker than the previous batch. Might have to alternate rows to make sure the socks I intend to make with the finished yarn end up the same size.
  • I have about 2/3rds of the Panobo wrap finished. My hope is to finish this one in the next week or two so I can move on other holiday knitting and still have some time to squeeze in work on..
  • .. the Blackberry Ridge sweater my sister got me for my birthday/Christmas last year. I started the body this weekend, but am only a very few rows into it, so it's not very exciting yet. I dithered a bit about what size to knit (after Rogue, I started to wonder if I shouldn't just always go bigger than I think I should), but I think it will work out okay.
I also received a couple of recent acquisitions - namely the roving from Mary Kay and some red Rowan River Tape yarn from Saunshine. I got the River Tape with a specific project in mind, but in getting a closer look at it, I'm not sure I want to scrunch it up as much as I'd have to to make gauge for that project work. I'll have to knit some swatches and see where it looks best, but I'm excited to have enough of it to make a sweater.

I also need to order yarn for at least a couple more planned projects, but that will likely wait until this weekend at the earliest.

Right then! Pictures soon, hopefully.

Oh! And the other IR folks out there will pr'bly appreciate this - I was approached today by a graduate assistant in our office and thanked rather profusely for speaking English. She was apparently terribly relieved to hear me speak at a forum last week and not feel like I was speaking some foreign binary language. Heh.


Sara Skates said...

ROFL - yeah, folks totally appreciate communication abilities in this line of work :)

that's quite the productive FO weekend!

Liz said...

You should wear the Rogue on Sunday in Eau Claire. I'm going to try to get mine done and blocked as well. I just have the sleeves left.