15 June 2006

Brought to you by the letters..

Those are the three prints by Ursula that Jack got me for Christmas. The women who took our order for the framing seemed to rather disapprove of the brightly colored mats - she thought we should use more subdued tans and browns to complement the sepia tone of the prints - but I rather like how they turned out.

(Yes, yes, I'm behind on the ABC-along.. and while I could pr'bly technically use this as the K entry, I sort of feel like that's cheating. I owe at least K, L and pr'bly M at this point. I'll try to get them up soon.)

In other news, I've made progress on both the Brioche Bodice..

(shown here with the shoulders seamed, but still needing side seams, ends woven in, and blocking)

NOTE: I started this post last Thursday. Since then, I've finished weaving in the ends and seaming the bodice, but I need to make a minor modification to the neckline. It plunges rather drastically right now and since I'd like it to be work-friendly, I'm going to fix that, probably tonight. I'll try to talk Jack into taking a picture to post of it finished.

.. and the Candle Flame Wrap.

(shown here half-way through, which is *exactly* 7 pattern repeats, but without any attempt to pseudo-block it)

I'm not sure I like how the colors started to pool in the second half of the first skein, but it looks like they're spreading out again so hopefully it will work out okay in the end.

In the meantime, I have collected some worsted weight mohair in a dark green (and still have some in a light yellow) and am thinking they're going to become scarves or shawls or something of that sort to donate to auctions or whatever. Or maybe even just to hang on to as "last-minute" gifts. We'll see.

Otherwise, my stash yarn that is of sufficient quantity to plan projects has dwindled, so I might have to replenish some at Stitch DC this weekend. Must remember to leave extra room in my suitcase to bring back yarn. *smile*

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