01 April 2007



This is the best shot I have of the stairs before we started doing any remodeling. This is actually from the day we closed on the house and I wasn't really focused on getting great shots of the stairs from the top, but you can at least sort of see what they had in for carpet on the stairs.


The left shot is the three steps from the landing to the upstairs hall; the middle is the main staircase from the top; the right is the main staircase from the bottom. Folks who make carpet runners for stairs are tricksy - see how the pattern lines up on each step? It's kind of neat, but totally unplanned on our part!

And this is what Jali thinks of all this remodeling nonsense:


dread_ex said...

I love the new runner on stairs. I can't wait to see how everything works together.

Poor little pig. She doesn't handle stress well.

Anonymous said...

That looks great! I love it.


KC said...

Hi Teej!
Thanks for commenting on my blog!
I actually knit left handed and through the back loop because I taught myself to knit. I just did it the way that felt right and ended up with the right stitch. I didn't learn that I was knitting "wrong" until I had been knitting almost two years! I have to adjust patterns and stitches a lot and that can be hard. I think it is an advantage to knit like everyone else but I think it is more important to knit at all! so if you are far more comfortable knitting left handed than go for it! I have learned to knit right handed to teach and to cast on for somethings but I only do that when I have to. I don't enjoy the proses when I feel off balance and I tend to forget which way I am going! I try to find a happy medium. For my leaf sweater I had to knit the neck back wards, and then brake the yarn and go forwards at the end of the rib so that I had the button on the correct side. It can be crazy but I guess I enjoy the challenge and the satisfaction of getting it right.

I love your new runner!